MH the Verb – Traffic

MH the Verb is stuck in ‘Traffic’ in new video.

Today, Philly-based emcee/producer/multi-media artist MH the Verb and his fellow ArtHouse95 member Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble are back to introduce the empowering (s)hero, the ‘Afronaut,’ in the brand new music video for their new single “Traffic.”

Traffic‘ serves as the lead single from MH and Buscrates’ forthcoming collaborative LP, Afronaut, the full-length follow-up to ArtHouse’s 3-song sampling Owl EP. The video is the first installment of a three-part video series.

“The song addresses the American obsession with commercialism and money using traffic as a metaphor for how many people feel in our capitalist society– simply stuck and waiting for change. Whether it’s unmanageable student loans, a poor job market, or lack of access to cash and credit, I’ve learned from my time working in the banking industry that most people have goals to improve their financial status in our society. But for most people, the system is their enemy. In the video, we took this opportunity to introduce the thematic symbol and concept for the “Afronaut.”  The visuals, directed by MB Nealy, depict our mythical hero exploring the Earth as she surfaces on the beach and wonders into the forest. The “Afronaut” is a futuristic (s)hero who “travels back to today’s complicated moment in time to inspire and empower the artists and youth of the world. She is a symbol of power and progress and a theme for the work of Arthouse95.”  - MH The Verb

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