Open Mike Eagle – Brick Body Complex

Open Mike Eagle drops his new ‘Brick Body Complex’ video.

Open Mike Eagle has unveiled a second song from his forthcoming LP ‘Brick Body Kids Still Daydream,’ (September 15/Mello Music Group).

‘Brick Body Complex’ is a powerful statement made through incensed verses and potent visuals. It introduces the character of “Iron Hood,” a super-powered protector of Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes, a public housing project that displaced thousands of residents when it was torn down a decade ago. In this video, Iron Hood, played by Open Mike Eagle, leaps into action against a mysterious masked villain representing the forces of gentrification.

“This is about trauma. It’s about how 30,000 residents were displaced and only one-third of them are accounted for — and there are no AMBER alerts for the other two-thirds,” Michael Eagle says. “This is about the pain of that. And how black life in America seems to run parallel with painful events that we’re not supposed to talk about, because America doesn’t really want to hear it. This song and album is about how those buildings were torn down and replaced with nothing — not a new highway or a football field. Nothing at all.”

The video marks the second installment of ‘Dark Comedy Television,’ a music video theme conceptualized by Open Mike Eagle. Each video from ‘Brick Body Kids Still Daydream’ is formatted as a television show on the Dark Comedy Television Network. The fictional cable network features programs such as Dark Comedy Prime News among others.

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