Starlito ft. MobSquad Nard – Family To Feed

Starlito releases ‘Family To Feed’ video featuring MobSquad Nard.

The first single from Starlito’s Hot Chicken album is a collaboration with Jacksonville native MobSquad Nard. The music video finds the two in Nashville, TN , where Starlito is from, amongst his family, friends, and community. MobSquad Nard joins the GRIND HARD Family, and is apparently welcome at their dinner table, as he and Starlito have apparently formed some sort of alliance/partnership. Other than Red Dot, who’s signed to Grind Hard, Nard is the only artist to feature on all 3 solo Lito projects this year.

From Manifest Destiny’s ‘Err Time’, Attention, Tithes, and Taxes 2’s ‘Paid In’ with Red Dot, to Hot Chicken’s two features (Family to Feed and ‘Draw Down’), Nard continues to stand tall next to the Southern Legend, if not steal the show entirely with his unique drawl and cadences. Look forward to many more collaborations between these two, and keep your fingers and toes crossed for a tape. In the meantime, enjoy the clip as it is heartwarming to see two street rappers show a little humility, thoughtfulness, and heck you even catch a few smiles.

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