UniFi Records – Grimey

UniFi Records drops off the new ‘Grimey’ video.

Milwaukee based label, UniFi Records, and their associates don’t know when to just let a sick thing go. Like a joke that gets less funny the more it’s told – but the comedian insists on repeating it in hopes it will eventually be funny. ‘Grimey‘ just gets worse and worse, and now the offensive single is ready for release with an equally cringe-worty video. “Grimey is just too repulsive to be played unless you subscribe to the belief that smearing human feces on a canvas is art.”

Dima, aka WhiteRussian, is the founder of UniFi who started disturbing the peace with a denigration of a beat that turned even its two rappers, Dana Coppafeel, and Vincent VanGREAT, sour. So sour that rather than walking away, they retorted with lyrics that make your stomach turn. Dark visuals are met with colorful animations (by Xavier Ruffin) in the Matt Boredman directed video.

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Yoel Molina Law

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