Ruste Juxx ft St. Laz – Out In Brooklyn

Ruste Juxx releases the video for the Big Bob produced ‘Out In Brooklyn’ featuring St. Laz.

Underground hip hop legend Ruste Juxx pays homage to the influences, the neighborhoods, the music and the culture in the new video “Out In Brooklyn.” Teaming up with St. Laz of Pottersfield, Ruste Juxx’s dramatic and rhythmical verses merits his role as a formidable force in the hip hop landscape and reminds us why he was the protégé of legendary rapper Sean Price.

St. Laz adds lyrical flavor to the track with his emotional glorification, devotion and love for Brooklyn.  Cameo appearances throughout the video include Pottersfield crew members, Big Pressure, HangMan, Wooden Souljah and a posthumous shout out to Sean Price. Montages of Brooklyn’s colorful neighborhoods showcase the vibrant culture that connects these rappers to their beloved city.  Visionary producer, BigBob captures the essence of the artists with his commitment to representing hip hop culture with his classic productions, ensuring the end product is a pleasurable listen while continuing to attract new listeners as well as to delight his current fan base.

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