Mysonne – I’m Not Racist Remix

Mysonne steps forward to do what many people think Joyner Lucas should have down from the Black perspective in ‘I’m Not Racist’ remix.

Mysonne has been on in Hip Hop who has challenged the norm and what record labels promote. This Joyner Lucas “I’m Not Racist” video has had mixed reviews from everyone on the internet. Mysonne has been in the forefront changing the messages that come from Hip Hop and its artists.

Joyner Lucas is a very talented artist himself and is great at storytelling. His latest offering “I’m Not Racist” has yet another conversation about the N-word and who can and cannot use it. The video features the thoughts of both a White and a Black man that has sparked a bit of contraversy. In the video, the two men sit across from each other and the white man who is wearing a “MAGA” hat and spits racist verses about Black people. In the second half of the video, the Black man responds, giving his thoughts about Whit people.

After watching the video, Mysonne saluted Joyner Lucas for his “dope” concept but he also offered up some critique for how the Black man responds with his verse. “Shouts to @joynerlucas ..This video and song is Dope…BUT.. I feel like his argument for the Black boy should’ve. and definitely could’ve been stronger… So if I can get the instrumental to this ..I would like to give my point of view,” Mysonne wrote on Instagram.

The Bronx rapper did just that penning a response to the Black voice in his remix to the track, where he wears a ‘F**kkk Racism’ hat and presenting a much more brutal truth.

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