Kynard – Money Tree (Freestyle Friday #9)

Kynard is back with ‘Money Tree’ for his freestyle Friday series.

Last week, Austin native Kynard debuted on Houston Hip Hop Fix with “I Get The Bag” now he has returned with another freestyle Friday “Money Tree.” Kynard is a profound lyricist and he’s getting his buzz slowly but surely. “Money Tree” is of course an original Kendrick Lamar song, but Kynard made it his own.

His freestyle is filled with Southern culture. As soon as the track comes on he says, “Where we from we ride Cadillac and Monte Carlos, couple scratch off, homie please pass the bottle.”  If you’re familiar with the South, then you know that’s how we ride don’t here. After that, Kynard just completely goes in. Check out Kynard’s “Money Trees” freestyle below.

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