Onyx – Black Rock

Onyx brings out the heavy guitar work in ‘Black Rock’ video.

In 2018, Onyx is back and brought it bacdafucup in your face with their recently released explosive new album Black Rock.  Black Rock interpolates Onyx’s intense hardcore vocals, booming drums and heavy guitar riffs to create the most aggressive release of the group’s career.  “We came in with Run-DMC and Onyx are the new kings of rock” Fredro exclaims.  “The inspiration for Black Rock came from the song (title track) we did for the revolutionary Judgment Night Soundtrack.  It’s Hip-Hop meets Rock and Roll, boom bap and guitars; but what people don’t expect to hear from us is what makes this album so dope.”

Today, Onyx unveiled their new video for the adrenaline infused title track, replete with a live concert experience from Fredro and Sticky which immediately transforms you into their world; mosh pits, crowd diving and frying Marshall amps and electric guitars.

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