Daz Dillinger – Breaks Down “Checking In”

Daz Dillinger - Breaks Down "Checking In"

Daz Dillinger gives us his take on the topic of “Checking In”.

Daz Dillinger has been in the news lately for his threat aimed at Kanye West. If you are not up on your Hip Hop news, we will inform you. Kanye made a comment about Snoop Dogg. Snoop went at Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian. Daz decided to repond to Kanye and told all crips to bring harm to Kanye “on sight.” Let’s see what happens with this.

On to the topic of “checking in”. Many have voiced their opinion about this and if this even a real thing. Gillie Da Kid talked about it in a recent interview when he answered questions about his encounter with Tekashi69. Daz Dillinger clears up everything with his explanation of the art of “Checking In”.

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