LoneMoon – Back To It

LoneMoon - Back To It

LoneMoon debuts on SpitFireHipHop with this ‘Back To It’ video.

In Oklahoma, LoneMoon built their musical presence by playing the Backwoods Music Festival 2016, and opening for Yung Pinch in 2018. After releasing Apollo 18 in 2016 to a relatively quiet response, LoneMoon released Forgiveness, a compilation of music released in the years of 2015-2017. “Fall” would be showcased as the lead single off the album and it garnered a massive response on Soundcloud. Next up was their funky, yet smooth collaboration with Who Came After & Neila, “Need U”, which was released on Night Owl Collective in 2018.

Today, LoneMoon released the first single and visual from Better Luck Next Time with “Back To It” which was premiered by HipHopDx. An especially appealing visual artist, the “Back To It” visual was written by the main character Ace Blackberry. “We set out to entertain others. That’s something I’ve struggled with all my life” LoneMoon candidly admits. “I feel like I’ve pretended to be someone other than myself for a long time; it was just so other people would accept me. I traveled to a small town in Iowa to shoot the video, slept in my car for a week in freezing weather to get all of the footage—and it was an amazing experience. “Back To It” is about staying on track and not giving up, not falling for any temptations- like hurting myself to entertain others, or pretending to be someone else in order to please or satisfy those around you.”

LoneMoon’s one wish is to share their art everywhere under our earth’s beautiful satellite… soon to crash-land in Los Angeles. Better Luck Next Time will impact on 10-19-2018.

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