Uni V. Sol – Ya Royal Flyness

Uni V. Sol - Ya Royal Flyness

Uni V. Sol makes his debut on SpitFireHipHop with his ‘Ya Royal Flyness’ video.

The “Ya Royal Flyness” ep is a collaboration between UNI V SOL and the producer collective, THE Archangels. Rooted in Hip Hop/Rap music, the creators take a slight left to create what Uni labels as “Dookie Stank Music to keep you Ghetto Groovin’, dig it”. As independent musicians the group is able to offer a variety of styles from hard hitting, head nodding beats and razor sharp lyrics to a heartfelt Soul-Hop vibe.

Uni V Sol and The Archangels have created two videos to support the 6 song EP, “No Rush” which is a lyric video and the latest music video “Ya Royal Flyness.”

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