Ness Heads – Pretty

Ness Heads - Pretty

Ness Heads debuts on SpitFireHipHop with her new video for ‘Pretty’.

Pretty” follows up her recent singles, ““I”, followed by “Flip Em,” a carefree song that further showcases her unique sound. Ness Heads has performed at a number of notable venues,including Subterranean, Beat Kitchen, Chicago Emporium and Sully’s House, growing her following, honing her sound, and spreading her uplifting messages.

Ness states, ‘“Pretty” is a hard-hitting, feel good song about regaining your confidence and telling your haters to get lost.” A talented songwriter, Ness wrote the track after learning that an acquaintance was saying unkind things about her.

In the video, Ness struts her stuff and sends a warning shot, sporting her signature edgy, punk look with bold-patterned streetwear and her checkered vans. Split screens show different sides of Ness, from more serious black and white shots, to vibrant shots of Ness in front of a hot pink backdrop. “Pretty” was directed by Exhbit 91 (Rendell Smith and Alex Donewald).

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