Ras Kass – Smoke Break

Ras Kass - Smoke BreakRas Kass releases this response to Joyner Lucas called ‘Smoke Break’.

Anyone who is paying attention to Hip Hop now understands what Joyner Lucas did by mentioning Ras Kass during his rap battle with Tory Lanez. The line went like this “When you sing, you ain’t half bad, but you rapping like Ras Kass” on his “Litty Freestyle.”

According to many online Ras Kass was not sure if Lucas was throwing shots at him or not. Needless to say, the legendary MC is now firing back at Lucas. Ras Kass released “Smoke Break” yesterday which is a diss track aimed directly at the Joyner Lucas. Ras Kass reminds Joyner that he is not one to be played with.

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