Tom MacDonald – Everybody Hates Me

Tom MacDonald - Everybody Hates Me

Tom MacDonald claps back with new ‘Everybody Hates Me’ video.

After accumulating over 50 million views this year with his recent viral hits “Whiteboy” and “Politically Incorrect”, Tom MacDonald is back – and he brought the controversy with him…AGAIN.

No stranger to criticism and never shying from controversial subject matter, MacDonald has been called a racist, a sexist, homophobic and a culture-vulture by the often unforgiving 2018 INTERNET. His latest effort, “Everybody Hates Me”, might be his most criticized work yet.

His unapologetic approach to tackling subjects such as racism, political correctness and the destructive nature of mainstream rap music has garnered negative attention from the likes of ICP on Sway In The Morning, Token, Adam 22 , Dizaster and a plethora of other notable personalities. If one thing is for sure – Tom MacDonald is almost IMPOSSIBLE to ignore and his latest single, “Everybody Hates Me”, may be his most accurate work to date.

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