Tom MacDonald – I Wish

Tom MacDonald releases his provocative ‘I Wish’ video.

After amassing hundreds of millions of views while smashing racial stereo-types with “Whiteboy”, firing shots at SJW’s with “Politically Incorrect” and exposing mainstream Hip-Hop with “Dear Rappers”, Tom MacDonald is back – with something completely different – “I WISH”

“I WISH” might be Tom MacDonald’s most valiant – and authentic – effort to date. An intensely personal record, MacDonald manages to humanize himself after his last (extremely polarizing) release, “Everybody Hates Me”.

“I WISH” speaks to the many things society has convinced us that we wish we weren’t – Fat, Gay, Black, Poor and sick. MacDonald’s latest effort helps normalize the struggles that plague millions of Americans. Retrospective, heartfelt and hopeful – “I Wish” is sure to silence MacDonald’s critics who have labeled him a “clickbait-rapper” and propel him.

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Yoel Molina Law

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