Young Deuces – Run of Harriet

Young Deuces returns with the visual for ‘Run of Harriet’.

Run of Harriet is the 4th video from Young Deuces’ solo project ‘My Unapologetic Black Thoughts” (Click here for link). The song is said to be what Young Deuces imagined would be playing during the run on the underground railroad, similar to when you run in the gym and you play a song to get your adrenaline up.

The music video, exclusively brought to you by Sway’s Universe plays off of that theme and shows a young Harriet Tubman, on a mission to wake up the lost ones in today’s world in the Black Community.

Come watch as Harriet Tubman wakes up Stacey Dash, Ben Carson, Omarosa, Floyd Mayweather and deal with Kanye West w/Donald Trump.

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”123950″]

Yoel Molina Law

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