Radamiz ft. History & Tedy Andreas – Save The Youth

Radamiz debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his ‘Save The Youth’ visual featuring History and Tedy Andreas.

Today, Brooklyn native and one of XXL’s “15 New York Rappers to Look Out For”, Radamiz releases his latest visual ‘Save The Youth‘ via Payday Records as a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming project.

Featuring a low vibrating baseline with major ethereal samples, “Save the Youth” is as pleasing to the ear as the message is to the soul. The deep cuts paired with fast flows, clever lyricism, and a catchy hook that repeats “aim and shoot / save the youth” come together to illustrate a musical picture that reflects not only the talent that’s on this track, but also the personal experiences and stories that create all of us, especially Radamiz, Andreas, and History.

While this track is a tribute to the struggles of our nation’s youth today and of years past, Radamiz delivers his verse in a positive light, looking to the future instead of dwelling on any negativity of the past.

“Save The Youth” is to show that there are good days and rewarding days while you fight on your path. The video serves as a celebration of consistency” Radamiz commented to HHDX. “The children in the video reciting the chorus at the end is the heart of the video: we strip away the toughness, the bravado, the shield and sing along with tomorrow’s future. Just as much as we strive for our goals, you must know how impressionable the children are. Redirect your attention to those paying attention the most – make sure they know the good is consistent and on its way. Hard work pays off – eventually and definitely.”

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