Zaena & Jason Maek – Look At That Walk

Zaena and Jason Maek return with their latest in this ‘Look At That Walk’ video.

Zaena and Jason Maek prove the biggest parties can happen in the oddest places. Zaena reprises her role as a store clerk to show what really happens after hours.

Directed by Jason Maek, the music video for ‘Look At That Walk’ features a colorful cast of customers and workers who decide to let it all hang loose. Mixed in between the rave are cuts of literal food porn.

Working in a grocery store is very familiar to the Libyan songstress, as Zaena held the title of store clerk throughout high school. “I actually used to work in a grocery store so this took me back”, reflects Zaena. “However, we never had random dance parties or money guns in my store. It was more cleaning up puke on aisle seven.”

The single is quite the paradox. Usually, self-assuring lyrics as “I’m a bad bitch. I do what I want” come from a more luxurious character – not the working class store clerk. Zaena and Jason Maek said they went this direction because self-confidence has nothing to do with social class.

Jason Maek added to this sentiment by stating, “We never talk about it but confidence and classism are so related. I know the video is really fun but if you peel the layers, you might get that message.”

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