The Cause & Fuzz Rico – Feel Me

The Cause and Fuzz Rico release the new visual for ‘Feel Me’.

At one time or another, practically everyone has had the feeling of being an outcast or simply carried the heavy weight of depression through life’s rough times. One of the most important lessons that can be learned from going through hardships is: Without the darkness, we would never appreciate the light.

New Jersey’s self proclaimed “Calm King”, The Cause, delivers his new single/video ‘Feel Me‘, a fresh dose of hope for the many people fighting to stay above water in a world drowning in poverty. Cause teams up fellow Jersey rising artist Fuzz Rico for a moment of reflection on the skillfully crafted Kamo produced opus that perfectly pairs with the song’s lyrical blend of pain and triumph. “Feel Me” gives a voice to the voiceless and reminds the listener that no matter how bad life gets, self-perseverance will eventually lead to light at the end of the tunnel. In the song’s chorus, The Cause spits,

“I’m in the hall looking back on it all” and reiterates that the personal pain we all bare doesn’t have to be swept under the rug with “…y’all gonna hear my pain”. The Oceansfourteenth directed visual masterfully captures The Cause rising above pain to taste victory after all the struggle has had to endure. When speaking about “Feel Me”, The Cause expressed, “When I wrote this song I was in somewhat of a dark place and I had to constantly remind my self that I will eventually rise above the odds. I absolutely refused to become a victim or statistic. Sometimes in life, we just have to keep pushing and never settle. And as a community we need to uplift and encourage each other to fight for a better tomorrow. Today, I feel this record represents a story of success, a badge of honor and determination.”

“Feel Me” is featured on The Cause’s “Release Party” EP, a release of stress and expression, which is available now and also includes guest appearances by DoItAll (Lords Of The Underground), Sunnie, Valona Denise, and THE i OF A GENIUS.

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