Mxnxpxly Family – Hush

NY Hip Hop collective Mxnxpxly Family are back with another summer classic titled “Hush”, served with a heedful message.

The trio of John Jigg$, M.O.U.F, and Rockwelz let loose on puppetry rappers and ‘hush’ the scene with steadfast and introspective lyrics. M.O.U.F, better known as the voice of the gutter, eases the blow, “swagger clean teeth it’s beautiful how I floss.” Jigg$ strikes the peak, “sharp as a fan blade back on a rampage, and once you get cut you need more than a Band-Aid.” Rockwelz shuts down with the mic drop, “so loco with the vocals, Verizon with the bars, known to keep a n*gga mobile.”

5ickness provides and amplified amount of bass and horns to keep the boroughs knocking, while The Fam ‘hush’ naysayers.  Stream “Hush” above and watch the video below.

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