Dame Dash Says He Is Not Surprised By Jay Z Move

Dame Dash finally speaks about the Jay Z partnership with the NFL.

Many people have spoken out for and against the move Jay Z made to partner with the NFL to bring in talent for the Super Bowl halftime show; and also to address social justice in this country.

Recently Bryan Michael Cox during his podcast happened to say the Jay Z told Jermaine Dupri not to partner with the NFL at some point. This statement from Bryan Michael Cox grew wings three days after he said it, to his surprise.

What’s the deal… ok so now we’re establishing that we don’t know what the deal is…let’s not talk about it

After a little time Jermaine Dupri finds himself on the V103 with Bryan Michael Cox (whom he has been friends with for 22 years) and Big Tigger. Tigger asked Dupri about what his conversation with Jay Z. Cox explained that many people in the industry and in the community gave Dupri a very hard time about his decision to partner with the NFL last year. Dupri said that he never said anything about the statements made by Bryan Michael Cox. He (Dupri) went on to say that he cannot tell Bryan Michael Cox what to and not to say. I think this is an interesting response from Dupri. This leads me to believe that Jay Z may have said something to him about by passing this opportunity with the NFL.

We all know Jay, so once he does what did how he did Roc-A-Fella why do think he would anything else.

One person that has been very quiet about this situation is Dame Dash. Dame joined the No Jumper podcast to expressed himself as only Dame can. He thinks that Jay Z is who is and that this move did not surprise him.

Dame Dash says if he has a billion dollars he would by a team and take a job to produce music for the NFL. Dame went to say he has not received Reasonable Doubt royalty in about tens years – Dame wants his money.

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