Eddie Kaine Drops “Everything’s A Go” Video

Eddie Kaine returns with the third single/video release, “Everything’s A Go” off his latest album titled ‘ARUKU.’

The Brooklyn, seasoned artist flows over heavy-hitting beats and cadences to stress his point that when it comes to music and concrete quadrants, ‘everything’s a go.’  In front of cornerstones and infamous Brooklyn blocks, Kaine spews his lyrical, truth-based sermon reminding fake thugs and weak rappers that he sees through their bullsh*t.

The catchy hook leading into a rendered 70’s climax, heightens both the raw emotion from Kaine and the hair-raising chill of his deliverance. Watch “Everything’s A Go” and connect with Eddie Kaine on Twitter and Instagram.

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Stream Eddie Kaine’s “ARUKU” album here on Bandcamp

Yoel Molina Law

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