NJ Firefighter creates Wu-Tang themed COVID-19 Video

As the novel coronavirus continues to engulf the world in sickness, loss, and uncertainty, a twelve-year Belleville, New Jersey career firefighter/EMT, Michael Sarno, emerges from the front-lines of this global pandemic to spread hope, proper precautionary measures and overall awareness of Covid-19’s severity.

Sarno, a 41-year-old lifetime Bloomfield, New Jersey resident, and Afghanistan combat veteran has been going to war with Covid-19 alongside his fellow fire/first responder crew, the self-proclaimed – BFD Gold, to extinguish this inferno of a virus.

Firefighter Sarno, who grew up listening to the multi-platinum selling hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, felt compelled to rework one of the group’s signature songs, take a playful crack at rapping, and film a video to provide the viewer a glimpse into what our men/women of honor experience daily on the front-lines. On Sarno’s remixed Wu-Tang inspired song, titled BFD Gold “#CovidCalls”, the firefighter sounds like a seasoned rapper masterfully describing Covid-19’s guidelines and precautions to ensure you or your loved ones don’t get stuck with this virus.

When discussing his coronavirus awareness song, Sarno explained to HipHopDX, “I am on the frontlines, I am a firefighter, not a rapper…and I see how this virus has affected my community. I want to support our first responders and boost morale while we continue to help those in need.” Sarno then added,”I grew up listening to Wu-Tang, and they always had a positive impact in my world. I wanted to show love to the Wu while championing our first responders. Wu-Tang’s music has always brought people together, and that is what I hope to accomplish with this song.”

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