Eso.Xo.Supreme Releases New “I’m Ready” Video

Eso.Xo.Supreme takes us on a futuristic ride in “I’m Ready” video.

After previewing his new anthem “I’m Ready” Portland-based R&B sensation Eso.Xo.Supreme drops off the Official Music Video for the Boidhe produced single. Taking us on a psychedelic visual ride, Eso brings us inside the mind of a troubled artist balancing stardom, heartbreak, drug addiction, and more on his latest release.

The pressure is nothing for Eso.Xo.Supreme as he seems to be at his best creatively when his love and motives are in question. Tapping a virtually unknown Irish producer Boidhe, Eso.Xo.Supreme shows us how he can stand out in a sea of copy-cat artists but updating and adapting his sound to almost any soundscape available. With lyrics real enough to make you question your own love-life, it’s Eso.Xo.Supreme’s vulnerability as an artist that attracts women and fans alike. Still being able to create and maneuver during a pandemic, independent artists such as Eso.Xo.Supreme show us why at times not being signed to a major label can work for you as opposed to against.

Hopefully not a hidden gem for much longer, one look at Eso.Xo.Supreme’s YouTube or Spotify collection and you will see a new but heavy-hitting discography full or radio-ready anthems. For now, press play on the Official Music Video for “I’m Ready” by Eso.Xo.Supreme and be sure to take some time to go through his past catalog, you never know, you might just discover a new favorite artist. 

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Yoel Molina Law

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