Namir Blade Releases The Electric “Patlabor” Video

Namir Blade is back with his new “Patlabor” video.

Patlabor is a high energy and youthful track about being young and carefree. It is reminiscent of a childhood filled with songs from Timbaland, Missy Elliot and The Neptunes. I really wanted to give the people the banger they deserved so, here you go!”Namir Blade

Namir Blade has had projects and collaborations that extend to multiple genres from House to Hip-Hop. He has worked with some of Nashville’s most renowned artists, and is widely known for his unique sound. His stylings are often self reflective, innovative, organic, and almost sporadic at times. It is as if he is giving the listener a window to look into the mind of a modern Afro-American. Surrealism, Afro-Futurism, Nerd culture, and Black culture bleeds through his sound as primary influencers so that anyone lending an ear is immediately ejected from their seat. In the past, Namir has worked closely with several multimedia art collectives, as well as SoundCloud-Golden age producer collectives, Natural Selection and Wizards Only. His debut Mello Music Group album Aphelion’s Traveling Circus is out now!

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