J. Sands Releases “Mac Wop” Video Feat. Hubbs

J. Sands releases the video for “Mac Wop” off his “VFBOYAB” album featuring Hubbs.

J. Sands has been putting on for his city for many years. Pittsburgh, also known as “The City of Champions” gave birth to several stars in the music history. On “Mac Wop” Sands and Hubbs (another Pittsburgh artist) tell a story of two artists from Pittsburgh.

“Mac Wop” was inspired by Mac Miller who was a giant star in Hip-Hop, and Jimmy Wopo who was signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang imprint and was murdered before his able to soar.

J. Sands returned to his hometown to film the new video for “Mac Wop.” He went the the neighborhoods that each, Mac Miller and Jimmy Wopo were from. The video begins in the Hill District where Jimmy Wopo grew up and then moved to Squirrel Hill, where Mac Miller is from. This is a very cool tribute to the two young artists from Pittsburgh.

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Yoel Molina Law

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