Robby Blair & Mickey Blue ‘Hit’Em With The Hein’

Robby Blair and Mickey Blue releases the new ‘Hit’Em With The Hein’ video.

Robby Blair enters 2021 building off of an impressive 2020, which saw the newcomer debut in the top 30 on iTunes with Certified Influence (the project featured collaborations with NEMS, Slaine, REKS & Rasheed Chappell & production from Mr. Green and C-Lance) and a huge breakthrough at terrestrial radio.

On any given week, you could tune into Sirius tastemakers such as DJ Premier’s Live From HQ (Preem turned Robby’s “Certified OG Shit” into a weekly display of dazzling tuntablizm), DJ Eclipse’s Rap Is Outta Control (“Poetic Punishment & “Punch’em In The Face”) and Scram Jones’s Saturday Scramble (“Bloody Cypher”) and hear Robby’s Certified Influence.

Now, Robby Blair is poised to take the next step.  “I have a handful of projects already completed for 2021, but I wanted to take a break from the producing end and collaborate more with other producers.  Mickey and I hit it off right away and decided to create Outside The Box|In Between the Lines

After releasing the projects first-single, “Frequency,” featuring King Magnetic, Robby & Mick return with a new single “Hit’Em With The Hein.”

“When I first heard the track, it made me want to bop someone in the head with a big hammer to knock sense into them.  That’s where my approach to the song came from” Robby Blair laughingly commented.  “I am a huge Howard Stern fan and “hit’em with the HEIN’ just popped into my head.  It’s a fun song, but a serious one at the same time.”

Robby Blair & Mickey Blue’s Outside The Box|In Between The Lines will be released on February 23.

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Yoel Molina Law

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