Sir Trilli & His Team ‘Shake The Bank’ In New Video

 Sir Trilli - Shake The Bank Video

Sir Trilli makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with this new “Shake The Bank” video.

Back At Zero recording artist, Sir Trilli releases his debut music video “Shake The Bank.”  Coming from the financial world in the cryptocurrency and foreign exchange space, leading an organization of 90,000, Sir Trilli’s message is all about spreading financial literacy.  As a society we’re often not given the necessary tools and information of creating generational wealth, and that at its core is a huge problem.  Through his catalog of music, Sir Trilli is on a mission of spreading a wealth of knowledge, everything from attaining an 850 credit score to the importance of diversifying your investments and everything in between. 

With the rise of cryptocurrency, and now NFT’s, Sir Trilli has carved a lane for himself within the culture that has yet to be done.  When speaking about the sound he’s creating tied in with the positive messaging, Trilli says, “I was just trying to prove a point that just because the message is positive doesn’t mean sonically it can’t be played in club environments.”

Directed by Slice of TheGladiatorz, this video was filmed in downtown LA, and starts with Sir Trilli trying to exchange a rare crypto coin at Cards and Coffee.  From there Trilli is led down a hallway to a vault, where he is able to successfully cash out on the rare asset.

Expect Branden to show no signs of slowing down, as he has a lot of surprises releasing in the coming months with a lot of established songwriters, artist collaborations, alongside him busy working with a lot of chart-topping producers.  Trilli says, “This video is the start of something special, it allowed me to express my gratitude for my success through entrepreneurship and investing.”

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