SpitSickBeats Releases ‘Tear Down’ Feat. RBX The Narrator & ChangerMusic

SpitSickBeats ft. RBX The Narrator & ChangerMusic - Tear Down

SpitSickBeats releases new “Tear Down” video featuring RBX The Narrator and ChangerMusic.

“Tear Down” is the third single from SpitSickBeats and Changer Music’s “Steel Money” album, which was released January 11, 2021. The album features former Death Row artist RBX and AOTP/Demigodz Apathy as well as Jersey’s Ren Thomas plus Canadian legend Lee Reed amongst others and is out now where ever you stream music. “Tear Down” is a work out, MMA type of underground Hip-Hop song.

This Boom Bap rock vibe, celebrates traditional old school roots and aims to sonically rip your head off. The lyrics from RBX and Changer, deal with being fed up. Changer wrote his lyrics while working in a 107 yr old brutal welding factory, wanting to tear down the archaic management he was done with. RBX writes from the LBC vets perspective of “You don’t want none”.

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