M Doc Diego & ManZu BeatZ Release “Tango -N- Cash”

M Doc Diego & ManZu BeatZ ft. Crotona P - Tango -N- Cash

M Doc Diego and ManZu BeatZ make their debut on SpitFireHipHop with “Tango -N- Cash” featuring Crotona P.

Rochester, NY emcee M Doc Diego and Italian production crew ManZu BeatZ have dropped a new video this morning. “Tango –N- Cash” featuring Crotona P is a re-introduction to the stark and grimy boom-bap formula that the duo crafted on last year’s Universal Tongues project. makes it such a potent pairing. With this single is the announcement of the release of Universal Tongues Vol 2 for April 23rd.

Speaking on it, Diego said “Universal Tongues is really what I would consider the true definition of hip-hop. That is people who come from different cultures and separated by language or geographical barriers coming together and relating through this music. ManZu and I connected at the start of the pandemic and within the past year have built a partnership on respect and creativity that has been received well from people around the globe.”

Shot by Cartel Films, the visuals for “Tango –N- Cash” show Diego and P spitting in what looks like the graph-covered train-yards of the South Bronx from the dawn of hip-hop. “It’s actually these abandoned water towers close to the reservoir over here. I’ve been wanting to film there for a minute but you literally have to hike over some terrain that makes it difficult to get to. Crotona and I have been friends for a few years, he’s been putting it down for the city and he’s been very supportive of my work as well.”

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