Piff James Releases New “Half Of Ounce A Day” Video

Piff James - Half Of Ounce A Day

Piff James returns with his new “Half Of Ounce A Day” video.

Returning with a new drop, the Gangsta Shaman of Brick City, Piff James drops “Half Of Ounce A Day.” With visuals (Directed by Afotey Annum) and a somber guitar and hard drums instrumental (Produced by the artist himself), this is a first-hand view of block life. As James says it “well, it’s really what was going on outside when I wrote it. It’s the thoughts and experiences that were happening in-between blazing half of ounce while I was working on the joint.”

Perhaps his most socially-minded track in the recent past, we see the emcee/producer navigate his day while spitting reality bars such as “Blazing half a pound a month, that’s like half of ounce a day, glocks and tres you can hear it from a block away, I talk to God and pray, hope my time will be not today, from a city where all the pretty women got aids and gang members in my hood bang harder than beats by Dr. Dre.”

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