Dark Lo & Harry Fraud Release “Auntie Had Withdrawals” Video

Dark Lo & Harry Fraud - Auntie Had Withdrawals

Dark Lo & Harry Fraud release their new “Auntie Had Withdrawals” video.

Lo’s new project, Borrowed Time, is a collaborative endeavor which is completely produced by Harry Fraud and features appearances from Boldy James, 38 Spesh and AR-Ab. 

This album is different from all of my previous projects because of where I am in my life, all that I have been through in the last year and a half. I have dealt with a lot of loss, it has been stressful, the ups and the downs.  I finally was able to let everything that has been building up over the last year and change out, and that’s what this is here” Dark Lo commented.  “With this project the fans get to experience all sides of me.  Harry set me up with production that allowed me to showcase my versatility as an artist.. Even though I am truly on Borrowed Time right now, this here is just the start of a legendary run. Buckle up.”

“Getting to work with Dark Lo on a full project was really important to me because it was an opportunity to showcase his versatility as an artist” Harry Fraud states.  “When you hear his voice, he just brings something different, artistically, and in the way he carries himself. 100% authenticity in every aspect of his life; you can feel the passion he has in every bar he spits, it’s contagious.”

Today, the duo releases a new visual for “Auntie Had Withdrawals,” a song that is very close to Lo’s heart.  “Auntie Had Withdrawals” is a very personal song.  It hits on everything that I went through over the last two-years” Lo commented to Complex.  “Being caught between the streets, and the booth, the stress of having to make that money to support my family; while trying to stay focused on music. Dealing with the legal situation that me and the people around me were dealing with, my state of mind leading up to my incarceration.  And at the time, my Aunt, who I am very close too, was struggling with addiction issues.  She was trying to get better, but it was killing me seeing her in so much pain and going through withdrawals, so I did what I felt was necessary at the time to help her. My fans respect that I put my real life into my music, that’s what they want and that’s what they are getting with this song and video.  I had to shoot this video at my crib because I am on house arrest.”

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