Green Grizz Release “The Drip” Video

Green Grizz - The Drip

Green Grizz makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with “The Drip” video.

When you create a musician inspired by Erykah Badu and Juice Wrld, give him the God-given ability to spit rhymes, you start producing flow like that from Green Grizz, the game-changing, hip hop wiz kid with a big message to send, including his new single, “The Drip” — available now!

“At a young age, I learned how to do advanced choreographed dancing,” Green Grizz recollects from his past adding, “as a crossover artist, and even for a big guy.”

His first mainstream single, “I’m working on a couple projects no one else has done in my age range for this generation,” Grizz remarks of “The Drip” and beyond — revealing that some of his lyrics will even speak to him in his dreams. “It’s a beautiful thing,” he says.

Unafraid to serve, Grizz drops a mountain of charisma, self-charm, and confidence, daring the listener to challenge him, or go down trying. Produced by Willy Calderon, “The Drip” is a smooth ride, granting Grizz permission to go hard on the lyrics –—a sensational juxtaposition made infamous by Cardi B’s iconic “Bodak Yellow.”

The subsequent music video only bolsters Grizz’ perchance for unabashedly laying it all bare… This is who he is, who he plans to be, and any trouble you may find with that, you’re welcome to see yourself out. Decked out in his signature green, Grizz’ models, protégé and accessories in the video have rented a deserted space, giving them plenty of room to do anything they want. “We made it a ghost town,” Grizz explains. “Splash at home in the desert-type of field.

“Once you get to living out here, you feel comfortable everywhere you go.”

With his finger on the pulse of a future rich with potential and possibility, you’ll want to know where you were when you first landed on Green Grizz. He drops bombs like a veteran of the game, and the talent to back his claim. Giving it all on “The Drip”, Green Grizz warns he’s here to stay. “COVID leaving 2020 been gone,” he promises. “It’s time to boss up about this money.”

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