Makana XO Releases “Don’t Trust Me” Video

Makana XO "Don't Trust Me

Makana XO makes his SpitFireHipHop with his “Don’t Trust Me” video.

Despite Makana XO‘s ability to make beautiful music, this guy is dangerous when it comes to affection. In his new video “Don’t Trust Me,” shot by Studio 713, the Hawaiian-born vocalists overwhelmingly exaggerated his lack of empathy. In the song, Makana sings about his inability to be faithful, as the song title is “Don’t Trust Me.”  

In the video, the smoothing-sounding melodic singer is a stoned cold kidnapping serial killer, psychopathic vibes. This suspenseful thriller of the video is a clear expression of how Makana feels about love right now. No matter how good he makes it sound, he’s telling you in his own words, “Don’t trust me. Why you love me like that?”

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Yoel Molina Law

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