Connor Cassidy Releases New “Memory Lane” Visual

Connor Cassidy - Memory Lane

Connor Cassidy joins us again with his latest, “Memory Lane” video.

Connor Cassidy is an American rapper, guitarist, and producer based in Massachusetts. Combined with his clean-cut style and high-energy stage presence, Cassidy has gained a substantial fan base in one year – his music videos earning over 2.5 million views and 10,000+ shares. He gained his initial following by performing extensively in the New England area and freestyling at local events and is most known for his charismatic performances: somewhere between a rap star and a rock star.

His latest video Memory Lane directed by himself and Matt Arnold of M9visuals is a sci-fi, matrix-themed trip through time as Cassidy confronts his harshest memories. It combines Cassidy’s aptitude for creating hard-driving Hip-Hop and Rock music with his taste for mind-bending, cinematic visuals and the ever-realer threat of a machine-oriented future. “I’m primarily a visual thinker. Creating new music almost always plays like a movie in my head, and I try to work backwards to add words & melodies to it” says Connor. The song itself is produced by SoSpecial Beats and was written around the concept of unconsciously re-living painful memories over and over again, and the struggle to get beyond it. Check it out now on YouTube and your preferred digital streaming provider.

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