New England’s Arichussettes & J Dolla$ Are “Knuckleheadz” In Latest Video

Arichussettes & J Dolla$ - Knuckleheadz

New England’s Arichussettes and J Dolla$ debut on SpitFireHipHop with this “Knuckleheadz” video.

New England’s Arichussettes and J Dolla$ team up with a new video Knuckleheadz directed by Alex Fatt. This video is meant to show the hustler’s reality of cars, women, jewelry, and clothes by doing dumb shit. “I’m no stranger to acting like a knucklehead as matter of fact, everyone has been a knucklehead at some point in their life” says Arichussettes.

The two are going harder than you makeshift gangsters in this new video. “Trappin’ all day being posted on the block sucks. Don’t come around us trying to fake it until you make it” says J Dolla$.

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