Still Evan – Jumped Out The Lake…

Still Evan - Jumped Out The Lake…

Still Evan makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with this new “Jumped Out The Lake…” video.

Who has never felt the need or want to start over and hit the reset button? Whether simply wanting to restart a video game as a kid, or to hit the rewind button on an entire day to re-live differently in order to avoid a tragic loss.  New England rapper, Still Evan, has had his share of moments that would fall into the potential reboot category. From his mother’s trailer park home, love affair with selling and doing drugs, totaling his vehicle while intoxicated, daily couch surfing for shelter to overdoses that hit a little too close to home. Still Evan, formally known as Illevan, felt the only way to move forward was to kill his old self to make room for the new and improved version. Still Evan, from “Lakeside” Billerica, Massachusetts, knew it was time to jump out of the lake to find his better tomorrow, hence, the title of his debut single/music video as Still Evan, “Jumped Out The Lake…”.

To bring this metaphorical rebirth to life, Evan enlists Joyner Lucas‘ go-to production company, Project 2 Studios (Connor Hayes), which specializes in creating cinematic music videos. The ghostly Phenom-produced soundscape hypnotically paves the way for Still Evan’s celebratory revival, architecting an addictive head-nodder for the New England bar-spitter to serve his slang and slow-feed his eerie story. The visuals witness Illevan fishing on a lake reeling in a big catch onto his boat, but it is not a fish he has caught. It is himself, his “new self”, Still Evan. Next, Still Evan wrestles the life out of Illevan, takes his clothing, and throws his “old self” overboard. The reborn Still Evan takes over from here declaring, “This evolution I been through, it turned my gills into lungs… Kill the version of me telling you that these pills would be fun.”

Still Evan explains, “I used to be a real dipshit. I did a lot of things I am not proud of just for the sake of so-called being cool. In order to reinvent myself, I had to kill who I used to be.” He then added, “Today I am the best version of myself. I am focused, driven, and confident.”

“Jumped Out The Lake…” appears on Still Evan’s 7 song “Fish Out Of Water” album produced entirely by Phenom dropping October 22nd on all streaming platforms via Supreme Corpse Records.

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