Benny Okoto Delivers His New “Ever Told” Visual

Benny Okoto - Ever Told

Benny Okoto makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with this new “Ever Told” video.

Singer/songwritter/producer/rapper Benny Okoto presents the music video for “Ever Told.” Directed by Benjamin Coffey, “Ever Told” appears on Benny Okoto’s soon to be released album “Lonely Hearts Club”. Produced by Jahmal Gittens, the “Ever Told” clip comes on the heels of visuals for Benny Okoto’s previous single “Doubletree Doughboy Schemes.”

Ghanaian-American Raleigh, North Carolina resident Benny says “‘Ever Told’ is about embracing the low points in life, and instead of self destruction or losing faith, choosing to instead take your time and exude patience. While I was dealing with a lot of life issues and responsibilities, I had remembered conversations with different women in my life. They all told me to take my time in one way or the other.

This gave me a new perspective on where I was at and what I know I was blessed to look forward to. The last of those conversations was with my mother, who told me to take my time while I was eating. This repetition of the message became a metaphor for women’s influence in our lives in general.”

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