Fes Taylor Sounds The Alarm In “Run Down” Video Feat. Prettyboi Green

Fes Taylor feat. Prettyboi Green - Run Down

Fes Taylor releases new “Run Down” visual featuring Prettyboi Green.

Fes Taylor is chefin’ it up in the new “Run Down” video. He is calling out many of you Hip-Hop artists screaming “we outside” while shooting your video with greenscreen. It is said that music will calm a savage beast, in this case it may not be true.

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The wolves that come along with Fes Taylor will “Run Down” when the right music is played. The streets love what Fes Taylor is doing as he reps Staten Island. Fes and his wolves have to eat too, and when they hear a track from Fes Taylor they stop what they’re doing and bring that savage energy to the spot.

Watch the “Run Down” featuring Prettyboi Green below.

Yoel Molina Law

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