Grand Official Releases New “Respect” Video Featuring KRS-One

Grand Official feat. KRS-One - Respect

Grand Official joins us today with their “Respect” video featuring KRS-One.

Los Angeles hip-hop collective Grand Official return with the blast-master. The new video “Respect” features KRS-One speaking on emcees playing themselves when they choose fame over props. Featuring some potent bars from Grand Official emcee Dose, turntablist cuts from DJ HALLUCIN8 and amped production care of Grip the crew is in their full golden-age boom-bap influenced mode.

Their first new single since 2020’s “The Dawn” Grip revealed “we opened for KRS a few years ago but didn’t get the opportunity to chop it up. However our homie DJ B. Original was able to connect us with him for a feature and he actually recorded two dope verses for the track, which was extremely hard to choose from. We were supposed to link up for the video but when COVID hit, we had to film our parts separately.”

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