Johnny Burgos And The Butter Share Funky ‘Billie Jean’ Cover Ahead Of Live Residency

Johnny Burgos & The Butter - Billie Jean

Johnny Burgos makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with the new visual for this ‘Billie Jean’ cover.

Brooklyn soul maven Johnny Burgos has been hard at work on his sophomore album and honing his live show as of late. Providing fans with a taste of what to expect, Burgos and his new band The Butter recently recorded a funky cover of Michael Jackson‘s classic hit “Billie Jean”. Today, April 21 the collective shared the visuals of the new recording captured by Ray Pichardo (of Framed By Legends) at NYC’s FLUX Studios.  

After just performing [a gig] as a guest vocalist, I left the venue thinking it was time to expand on my own live show, when I happened to stumble upon a group of young cats playing at a random bar next door. Their groove and talent was undeniable, so I approached the sax player when he took a smoke break and asked about their availability and interest in playing with me. It was a musical match made in heaven, as they brought my music to life with a finesse and richness that I can only describe as buttery. I am proudly the bread in this equation, to which they are The Butter, and who doesn’t love toast? After weeks of work learning my original songs, I suggested a cover idea, which I only had a few simple voice recordings of to work from. MJ & Quincy are huge influences for me and I knew the band felt similarly so I thought their pop classic, ‘Billie Jean’, would be a fun one to put our own spin on. How I witnessed this band work together and what they created in the following 20 minutes was nothing short of mind-blowing, and that pretty much sealed the deal for me… We couldn’t be happier with the results and hope you all agree! ” – Johnny Burgos

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