West Tyler, Texas Rising Star Baccend Bino Releases “So PSF” Visual

Baccend Bino - So PSF

Baccend Bino makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with this “So PSF” visual.

He might not be a house hold name right now, but Baccend Bino is a star in his section, as the voice of southern struggle. Coming from the West Side of Tyler, Bino’s name is making big noise. His hood got a hold of him when he dropped “So PSF” in July of 2021. He uses his southern soul, his melodic voice, and southern inspired trap production to let the hoods world wide know that he’s one of them. 

Baccend Bino may be from West Tyler, but if you’re from the south and experienced struggle, then you could relate to him. Shortly after he released “So PSF,” which has surpassed over five thousand YouTube views, he fed the streets again with his latest project Francis Boy. The 19-track project is what connected him to the streets on a more intimate level. Songs like “Walk Alone,” “Bad Hoes and Bankrolls,” and “Vent” lets you know that he shares the same pain as us.;

On “Vent” he’s giving you his inner thought along with delivering bars, which is the essence of rap music.

“S****n on them laxative, tell them bring the macs in here. They stab you in yo back in here. They want the smoke, we matching them. I try to stay outta that. I’m trying to keep my head right. I pay for her install if that lil b***h head right.” 

Right now, Francis Boy is steaming on every music platform you can find, and if you want to know more on why Baccend Bino is the next best thing coming out of West Tyler, then check out the project below. For more information on Bino, follow him on Instagram @1baccenddbino.

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