Sunni Tha Rapper Makes Her Debut On SpitFireHipHop With “Look Good” Video

Sunni Tha Rapper - Look Good

Sunni Tha Rapper shares her new provocative “Look Good” video.

Sunni Tha Rapper, emerging from Missouri City, Texas, is a woman who doesn’t lack any confidence. She’s the H.B.I.C. Her face card is valid. She has a body of a goddess, and her attitude is gratitude.

Sunni The Rapper isn’t your typical female who is seeking validation from anybody. You can’t win her over with a simple compliment, and in her video, she’s letting you know.

In her “Look Good,” video, to say that Sunni looks good is a definite understatement. She’s giving you beauty by the boatload while reiterating the fact that her conversation cost. “I know I look good Lil n***a, don’t speak if it’s ain’t about figures.”

Now in the words of the music mogul Kanye West, I’m not saying she’s a gold digger but she’s not messing with no broke n***a. And why would she? She exuberates a variety of attractiveness, she’s talented and confident.

Watch Sunni The Rapper show off her sexy in new video “Look Good” below.

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