El Dusty Delivers ‘Warning’ Video Feat. Magnu5 & Fatboyshaun

El Dusty Feat. Magnu5 & Fatboyshaun - Warning

El Dusty, Magnu5, and Fatboyshaun share the new “Warning” video.

El Dusty is excited to release the newest video from his recently release album ‘Sombrero Galaxy‘ – out now. The new video for “Warning” sounds the alarm to be on the look out for flying UFO’s and wack MC’s, the song features Magnu5 and Fatboyshaun.

With Sombrero Galaxy, El Dusty weaves samples on top of interludes to reveal a sci-fi story that resonates like an MF Doom, Deltron 3030, or a DJ Shadow production. With the release, El Dusty has created his sonic opus from over 200 samples laced with deep sci-fi cuts, hip hop production style, and Dusty’s signature, hard hitting drums in collaboration with hip hop head and co-producer William Casio (of The Soul Monsters production team). Working with, and shining light on, the emerging hip-hop scene straight from the South Coast of Texas featured artists including: Lvrboy Meta, Quintan Arispe, Chris56, Ambrose Brown, Vino La Mano, Magus, Faboyshaun, and Mexstep.

El Dusty comments, “We wanted to create a concept hip hop album and I wanted to do it our style, so it naturally became a Chicano based, sci fi themed, sample based hip-hop album… It still has a cumbia flavor if u listen close enuff!”

Sombrero Galaxy is a full 6 tracks of sci-fi hip-hop beats and will be accompanied by a sci-fi cholo themed comic book. The record kicks off with the thematic anthem “Dark Skies.” The spacy and moody song carries the comic book forward as the protagonist, The Space Cholo cruises thru space in his lowrider ship decked out chicano style with hydraulics and all. It follows the comic page per page as the song switches beats and styles. Like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon & The Wizard of Oz, Sombrero Galaxy comic book brings the tangible to the intangible in “Dark Skies” becoming an immersive experience.

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