Shawn Archer’s Grind Is Relentless, Drops Visual To “PatriARCH”

Shawn Archer - PatriARCH

Shawn Archer shares his new “PatriARCH” video.

After the successful release of his independent project with his EP 4 “Yall” 2, Shawn Archer drops the video to “PatriARCH.” The intro to his EP, is where Shawn Archer gives you insight on his life story growing up in the streets of North Philadelphia.

Shawn Archer Will Do It Big “B4 It’s All Said And Done”

PatriARCH depicts his early childhood from the experiences he saw growing up, reflecting on it with superior lyricism, which is common with Philly rappers. The new EP “4 Yall 2” will have more visuals coming for 2022.

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