5Star Pays Homage To The Golden Era With New Video “God Body” Feat. Mainey Vent, Emcee Infinite & DJ Raw B

5Star Pays feat. Mainey Vent, Emcee Infinite & DJ Raw B - God Body

5Star releases new “God Body” visual featuring Mainey Vent, Emcee Infinite, and DJ Raw B.

From the San Francisco underground Hip-Hop scene, rises 5Star. Producer Don Lo Legendary, and Grammy nominated, platinum selling emcee Gennessee have taken old skills to form a new movement. Classic hard hitting Boom Bap beats combined with fresh lyricism and witty punchlines, the dynamic duo have been receiving big praise for their debut full length release Full Metal Jacket. Their latest video God BodyFT.

Mainey Vent, Emcee Infinite and DJ Raw B is a tribute to the Golden Era. Produced and directed by Don Lo Legendary, the grimy visuals most definitely have a running theme: LYRICS and BARS!!!!! “The track had a lot of energy and I remembered that I wrote this exceptional verse recently that might match perfect. I gave it a shot and was blown away, not realizing before this that I had written one of the best verses in my 20 year career” says Gennessee.

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