BabyDelly Delivers Official Video For “Violence”

BabyDelly - Violence

BabyDelly debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his new video for “Violence.”

The music industry has been trying to end the rap genre for a while now. Nowadays, real street rappers have to adapt to the new sound that is trending in music, and as a result, that takes away from the true expression of hip-hop. 

From the genesis of hip-hop, rap has always been the authentic expression of what happens in the hood, universally. And one of the most commonalities in poverty-plagued areas is violence. 

BabyDelly, from a small town in Louisiana, socially captured just that in his new track “Violence.”

From a music standpoint, Delly checks every box. Although he’s rapping his struggle, his melodic rap flow makes the struggle sound beautiful on a microphone.  

His lyrical abilities are also on full display in “Violence.” BabyDelly vividly paints a picture of how violence transpires in hoods globally. He raps, “Murder rate rising, the city been filled with violence, f**k them n****s cause they know that we slidin’, if he talkin’, then he better be bout it. My momma said, boy you’re a star, shooting star because I’m going to war. If the keys in then we takin’ yo car. We hop out on feet we don’t shoot out no car.”

They may sound like lyrics to us, but BabyDelly is rapping past traumatic experiences that are unfortunately massively relatable, hence the essence of rap. It’s safe to say, BabyDelly is helping the rap genre stay alive. Check out his track “Violence” below and for more on this artist, go follow him on Instagram @iambabydelly
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