FerQuan Releases New “If You Knew” Visual

FerQuan - If You Knew

FerQuan goes into details in new “If You Knew” video.

As a former street hustler, Quan (aka FerQuan) has seen and been through a lot. With a new lease on life, the self-proclaimed “Rap-Sing King” is now a savvy businessman, actor and musician dedicated to sharing his personal testimonies through music and serving as the voice of reason for today’s emerging street emcees. 

FerQuan Releases Work (The Other Side) Video

If You Knew” is a brooding Trap-Soul tune that does just that by detailing some of Quan’s most traumatic experiences in the streets. The song finds Quan effortlessly transitioning between soulful crooning and melodic, auto-tuned double time raps about his brushes with the law and near death experiences. Through it all, Quan finds solace in the song’s hook as he sings “I’m just thankful I don’t look like what I’ve been through”. 

Today Quan shares the song’s Zoo-directed music video, ahead of the single’s Friday release to all major digital streaming platforms. The video was shot at Quan’s Kingz Nation headquarters in Atlanta.   

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