Jersey Mic Does It For Hip-Hop In New Mic Drop Performance

Jersey Mic - I Do It For Hip-Hop

Jersey Mic delivers new live performance of “I Do It For Hip Hop.”

Some people make music for a ton of reasons. Some do it for the fame, some do it for the money, and some do it for the women. Jersey Mic from New Jersey (but currently lives in Atlanta) doesn’t make music for any of those reasons. Jersey Mic makes music for the love of Hip-Hop

On his new track, Jersey Mic explains it all during his Mic Drop performance. Mic performed his track “I Do It For Hip Hop,” and it’s safe to say, he’s not a rapper, he’s a hip-hop artist. His wordplay and lyrical abilities are on full display from the opening track. 

He’s not rapping about materialistic things or he isn’t rapping about violence, he’s just showing you his rap skills.  Check out Jersey Mic’s mic drop performance below. 

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