Spaceman Delivers New “Nazi Uniforms” Visual

Spaceman - Nazi Uniforms

Spaceman shares the new visual for “Nazi Uniforms.”

Hailing from the same geographic soil as Public Enemy, Freeport NY emcee / producer Spaceman engages a similar confrontational and brash approach to hip-hop. However while Chuck D is known for his direct lyrical condemnations, the Spaceman takes a more abstract/stream-of-consciousness narrative and a psychedelic touch.

This is evident on “Nazi Uniforms” (new video for which premieres this morning) produced by The Suspect (Allegedly) and directed by TimmyPriceFilm. Speaking on what is a triggering title Spaceman says “the whole vibe of the song and video is we are being watched by ‘whoever.’ The aesthetic of fascism has filtered into our society.”

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